A Guide to Visiting Trevignano Romano, My Little Slice of Paradise

In this post, I’ll share the best things to do in Trevignano Romano, a small lakeside village where I lived for six years.

The first time I visited it, I was still in college. I was surprised to find out it was so different (in a good way) from the other two towns overlooking Lake Bracciano. The long, well-maintained lakeside promenade invites you to spend hours admiring the idyllic scenery, the sandy beaches, one of which is a blue flag beach, the relaxed atmosphere, the slow pace.

Living here, I realized what it means for Trevignano Romano not to have a train station: it keeps tourists and those moving to this region from Rome a bit at bay. So, this charming town remains off-the-beaten path, a treasure to be enjoyed exclusively by the fortunate 5,000 who live here permanently.

Since I was one of those residents along with my family, in this post, I’ll give you some useful tips on how to visit Trevignano and recommend what to see, where to eat, and where to swim.

The best time to visit 

Even though it’s on the north shore of Lake Bracciano, Trevignano Romano faces south, enjoying mild weather all year round, with loads of sunny days. 

Any time’s a good time to visit. But, it’s worth mentioning that it tends to be windy, which is actually nicer in the warm months. 

If you’re visiting in fall or winter, make sure to bring scarves and hats. This is a plus for those into water sports, which is a big thing here. 

If, like me, you love swimming in the calm, flat lake, hit the beach in the morning, ’cause in the afternoon, there are small waves that stir up the sand. 

Just so you know, some locals swim in the lake even in January!

What to do in Trevignano Romano

1. Hit the Lakefront Promenade

If your time’s tight but you wanna catch the essence of Trevignano Romano, head straight to the lakefront promenade. 

It’s not just any spot; it’s where the heart of this gorgeous village, about 50 km away from Rome, really beats. 

Built in the ’70s as part of a bigger plan by the local government to boost folks’ wellbeing, this stretch has really amped up Trevignano’s vibe compared to other lakeside spots. 

Walking here, you’re treated to about 2 km of path lined with benches, cool sculptures, and pretty gardens, all shaded by trees like sycamores and lindens. Cafes and restaurants spill out onto the sidewalks, perfect for chilling and people-watching.

You’ll spot plenty of birds like swans and ducks chilling around the water – they’ll get close, but don’t feed them since we’re in a protected nature reserve here.

Every first and third weekend, the promenade becomes even livelier with a craft and flea market. 

And for those magical moments, there’s nowhere better to sip on a wine and watch the sunset over the lake.

Practical bits: 

  • If you want to walk the whole promenade, kick off near the Osteria Fuori Porta at Viale Garibaldi 87, and you’re good for the next 2 km until you hit a series of beach clubs.
  • Along the way, there’s a sweet park for kids with all the playground bells and whistles, plus a café and the local library, over at Via degli Asinelli 10.
  • Dog owners, there’s a spot for your furry pals too, right on the boardwalk – Bau Beach has got you covered.
  • If you’re thirsty there’s a spot in Vittorio Emanuele Square 3, near the pier, where you can refill your bottle with chilled water, still or sparkling, on the house.
  • If you need a restroom, you’ll find public ones for free at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, behind the town hall and museum combo, at the cross of Via della Rena and Via Romania. There is another also along the promenade, near Restaurant La Casina Bianca (going to expound on this, since it’s my favorite restaurant in town.

2. Swim in the lake

When the days are warm enough, I find few activities more satisfying than a swim in the clear waters of Lake Bracciano, one of the best lakes to visit near Rome. 

The beach at Trevignano Romano is just a short walk from the historic center, shops, and cafes. It has been awarded the Blue Flag status, which indicates excellent water quality and cleanliness, among other prestigious criteria.

Several beach clubs along the lake offer beach umbrella and bed rentals for about €10 a day, though a significant portion of the beach is freely accessible without the need to rent anything. So, be ready with your beach towel, sunscreen, and hat—July and August here are scorchingly hot. I’d actually never venture out onto the beach without our beach umbrella during those months.

One of the quietest and cutest parts of Trevignano Romano’s beach is at the very end of the promenade and the drivable street “Via della Rena,” where the Skipper Club is.

3. Try water sports

While I spend most of my time at the beach playing with my daughter, I see many doing water sports.

The ones that are most popular are:

  • sailing
  • kayaking
  • stand-up paddleboarding
  • wing foiling

You can rent all the necessary gear at:

  • WOZ – Way Out Zone – for SUP, windsurfing, and wingfoiling
  • Sailing Club H2O

More water sports clubs are located toward the end of the beautiful promenade, along Via della Rena.

4. Stroll around the historic center and up to the lookout point

The tiny historic center of Trevignano Romano is full of treasures. I’ll share the scenic itinerary I usually follow to explore it in about 2 hours. 

Start at the town’s main square, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III. Here, you’ll find Bar Ermete, Trevignano’s historic café known for its excellent coffee, gelato, and pastries.

On the ground floor of the town hall is the Etruscan-Roman Civic Museum, offering free admission and well worth the visit. 

Artifacts found among the remains of Etruscan necropolis and acropolis around the town, including a chariot and vases with fine decorations, are displayed here.

Then, pass under the Clock Tower Gate (note the ancient coat of arms of the Orsinis, the town’s lords, on the floor) and continue through the flowery alleys and tiny piazzas until you reach the “mother church”. 

This is the 16th-century Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses a fresco by Raphael’s students, the Assumption of Mary to Heaven.

In front of the church, you’ll find the steps leading to the fascinating ruins of the medieval Orsini Fortress (13th century). Here you are on the top of the hill with Trevignano Romano, from which the view of Lake Bracciano is simply stunning. I often come here for stargazing.

5. Visit the Museo Civico Etrusco-Romano in Trevignano Romano

In pre-Roman times, Trevignano Romano was an Etruscan town. 

In the 1960s, two Etruscan necropolises of high artistic and historical value were discovered near the historic center. 

The civic museum displays artifacts from these two archaeological sites, including vases, metal objects, jewelry, and a chariot.

Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III, 1

5. Enjoy the Cafes

As you stroll along the promenade, you’ll find more favorite places of mine that I recommend you visit. These cafes invite you to sit and admire the lake from various vantage points. 

  • Make a stop at Bar Sandro to indulge in gelato and maritozzo—a typical Roman dessert
  • Further on, La Vela Bistro awaits, boasting its status as Trevignano’s most elegant café. Here, you can enjoy cakes and drinks while taking in the lake view from an exclusive pier. (However, I don’t recommend it as a restaurant.)
  • Then, there’s Oltre Bar, known for its great salads and, along with Caffé Ermete, a favorite among the locals.

6. Beaches

Public beaches and most beach clubs in Trevignano begin near Bistro il Viale and continue for more than a kilometer along the promenade.
When we need a tranquil place with just a few people, we go to the very last beach (I mean the last one walking in the direction of Bracciano.)

However, being a Blue Flag beach, Trevignano Romano’s beach is beautiful in all its stretches.

In summer, this region is really hot. I won’t go unless I equip myself with a hat and sun umbrella and keep my body temperature down by bathing in the lake.

If you are wondering if swimming in Lake Bracciano is possible, know that it is. But one has to be careful. There is a very important precaution to be taken:

We locals never swim offshore, that is, toward the center of the lake, we always stay close to the shore, and this is for good reasons. There are frequent eddies in the lake, it happened that people were swallowed.

TIP: We don’t wear rock shoes on this part of the beach. But I see that some families want their kids to wear them.

7. Lake Bracciano ferry (2023)

During the summer, a ferry circles the three towns lining the lake, offering a unique way to explore Lake Bracciano at a modest cost. 

Regrettably, I have never stepped on the Lake Bracciano ferry. But I always promised myself I would do that. 

The ferry service may be discontinued due to the lake’s reduced level, which complicates the docking operations.

8. Visit the predatory bird’s sanctuary (great for kids)

On the top of a hill, a few km away from the center of Trevignano, stands a research center for studying and preserving predatory birds.

Upon visiting, the guides will lead you on a tour, during which you’ll learn everything about these birds’ lives.

This research center is immersed in the natural reserve Parco Regionale di Bracciano e Martignano. If you’d like to reach there by foot, know that it is a one-hour hike from the Clock Tower Gate.

In this place, birds are allowed to fly free. I visited it to cheer myself up after being saddened by seeing the caged birds of prey at the Bioparco in Rome.

Connect with the staff through their page Volorapaci

Address: Via Sutri, 13

9. See a miracle

For several years, Trevignano Romano has also been a destination for religious tourism.
Since 2016, a Sicilian couple living here has owned a figurine purchased at Medjugorje that they say cries tears and blood every 3rd of the month.
Believe it or not, you can experience it yourself.
You can reach the top of the hill just outside the town by taking the path up next to the cemetery. You will find yourself in a clearing overlooking the lake.
Here, you will see dozens of chairs set to accommodate the faithful, as well as a shrine where the statue is placed on the appointed day.

My favorite restaurants in Trevignano Romano

With all the restaurants and cafes in town you’ll have a huge wealth of options to choose from for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I’ll tell you where I usually go, so it’s easier.

Forno Franchini bakery

though this is not a restaurant, I suggest you start here, because in the morning you will find the best croissants in town there. 

Accompany them with a cappuccino and, while you’re at it, also with the typical “brutti ma buoni” hazelnut cookies-I’ve lost count of how many I’ve eaten.

You also find other great street foods here such as pizza by the slice and sandwiches stuffed with your choice of cheese and cold cuts.

Address : Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 84

La Casina Bianca

This is the place where we most often go to eat. The location is beautiful, in a very quiet part of the promenade. The lake is very close, and there are plenty of tables. 

Another plus point that we love is the value for money, the restaurant is budget-friendly. 

I always get several vegetable dishes here. The salad and tomatoes grow in the garden behind the restaurant. My partner gets the pasta with lake fish or the mixed fried seafood. While my daughter loves the French fries (the best in town) and the chocolate Moretta cake.

We will come here over and over again.

Address: Via della Rena, 78


We like this place for appetizers. Along with the drink, they bring you lots of little fried delicacies and pieces of pizza, as you can see in the picture.

La Locanda

Here’s a place where we’ve been lunching lately and loved it.

The Locanda is the perfect place to have typical lake fried fish lattarini accompanied by a glass of prosecco.
I loved the polenta with baby octopus and tomato sauce.
For dessert, the cannoli was also exceptional. It was freshly made with chocolate pistachio granola and fresh ricotta.
This venue also has a simple and appealing design, with elements of vintage decor, and it really feels like a lakeside living room.


Another local specialty is pinsa.
Pinsa looks like a pizza, but it’s more fragrant, tasty, and easier to digest because it’s made with multiple types of flour and left to rise for a longer time.
Two venues in Trevignano make the best pinsa; the choice is yours because they are both excellent.

  • Restaurant Le Ortensie | address, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 120
  • Restaurant-wine bar Le Ballon | address, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 63

Osteria Fuori Porta

This is the place where you should order the “eel”, or anguilla in Italian. This fish is served in small chunks on a softly flavored olive oil and mint bed.

The chefs make all dishes with their own hands, from pasta to desserts, which change depending on the season and the mood. 

Another delicacy from this restaurant is vegan fettuccine.

Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 87

Where to Stay

In my opinion, this town is the best place to stay on Lake Bracciano. I have never had to sleep in a hotel here, because I live in this area, however, I have experience with this because clients of my guided tours stay in Trevignano Romano. 

My best tips for choosing a place to stay in this town:

Anywhere near the historic center and lakefront promenade adjacent to the main square or dock in summer is very busy and noisy.

I highly recommend the Mali Hotel, which, although close to everything and with a lake view, is quiet because it is not too close to the clubs.
The rooms are new and the staff is friendly and helpful. This hotel is simple but comfortable and the price is appropriate.

Check the updated rates for Hotel Mali here.

How to get from Rome to Trevignano Romano with public transport

You can easily reach Trevignano by train and bus ride. Here’s how:

Take a train to Anguillara Sabazia from either Rome Valle Aurelia station (subway Linea A MA) or from the Roma Ostiense station (subway Linea B MB).

From the train station in Anguillara Sabazia, get on the public bus “Schiaffini” Line C to Trevignano Romano (departs at 07:50, 09:00, 14:45, and 19:20).

Buses return from Trevignano Romano to Anguillara Sabazia train station at 06:50, 08:20, 14:15, and 18:45.

More places to see around Trevignano Romano

Bracciano Town and Its Cool Castle

If you’ve had your fill of Trevignano and are itching for something new, head over to Bracciano

It’s not just another town by the lake; it’s where the lake gets its name and where the castle steals the show. 

Bracciano Castle is right there in the middle of town, sitting pretty on a hill, giving you those epic lake views we all love.

This castle is a slice of medieval times, still standing strong and now open for us to wander through. 

For just a few euros, you can check out around 20 rooms that take you back in time with their original furnishings. 

And yes, there’s a spot where you can walk on the castle walls and catch a killer view of Lake Bracciano. 

This is one of the best places to see near Rome with kids; it’s like stepping into a history book, but way cooler.

Lake Martignano, the Quiet Neighbor

If one lake’s charm isn’t enough, and you’re after more quiet corners, Lake Martignano is your go-to. 

It’s a short trip from Bracciano, and trust me, it’s the peace and quiet you didn’t know you needed. It’s all about nature here—no shops, no cars, just you and the great outdoors.

But hey, let’s keep it clean and green. This place is a nature reserve, so no bonfires or leaving trash behind.


If you’re up for a bit of a drive, Sutri is less than 20 minutes away. It’s got a whole vibe with its Etruscan roots. 

It’s been called one of Italy’s most beautiful towns for good reason. The Roman amphitheater here is something else—carved right into the rock. But there’s more to see, like the ancient necropolis, the Mithraeum, Villa Savorelli’s gardens, and the Doebbing Palace Museum.

Calcata Vecchia, Where Artists Chill

Then there’s Calcata Vecchia, a total shift in scene. Picture a village perched on a massive rock, home to artists and hippies. 

It’s different from Trevignano but in the best way. Catching a sunset here is a must—it’s like watching nature’s own masterpiece over the Valley of the River Treja. 

And you’ve gotta grab a bite at one of the local trattorias, like La Piazzetta. If you’re in the area for more than a day, don’t even think about skipping this place.

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